Delivering DevOps firepower to companies who could use a helping hand

Stratum Advantage LLC is a decidedly small and very focused consulting firm offering big experience on the cutting edge of cloud technology. With a decade of real-world implementations, ranging from small startup environments to large-scale behemoths, we’ve been around the systems engineering block more than once and know the ins and outs of building rock-solid platforms.

From core infrastructure design and implementation to in-house process definition and devops mindset training, our key focal point is always on helping our clients harness emerging cloud capabilities as well as the automated techniques and toolchains which enable faster and more efficient deployment to truly modern environments.

What have we worked on? Everything from the creation of large, multi-region, mega-traffic autoscaling AWS environments which monitor and heal themselves to fully automated Docker delivery pipelines and their associated containerized development, testing, and production architectures designed to serve millions. And lately we’ve been quite excited about the Kubernetes platform.

Looking for someone who knows what they’re doing in devops? You’ve come to the right place.


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  • Architecture guidance and design
  • Pre-built architecture foundations
  • New environment build-outs
  • Migration of existing environments
  • Performance testing and tuning
  • Security and compliance implementation
  • Pre-built security tooling
  • Staff support and training


Let us shoulder the burden   Get in touch

  • Ongoing management of infrastructure
  • Monitoring, alerting, and reporting
  • Ongoing performance tuning
  • Security and compliance management
  • Ongoing general devops support for your staff