Make Real Progress By Leveraging Our Experience

Stratum Advantage maintains a sharp focus on client success. As such, we keep a cap on the number of projects we take on at one time so that our attention always remains where it needs to be: on your goals. We’re serious about that. Check Our Availability.

While we are fundamentally a custom shop that caters to diverse needs, we find that our services fall into three broad categories:

consulting   DevOps Consulting
Have a thorny infrastructure problem you’re trying to solve? Need to design a robust production environment but don’t have experienced in-house resources? Finding that your team could use an injection of devops training? We’re here to help. Get In Touch.


outsourcing   DevOps Outsourcing
Struggling to get devops employees hired and onboarded?  Have a growing backlog of devops tasks and requirements and need immediate help? Need an experienced resource to manage your infrastructure during an interim period? Get In Touch.


serviceicon   DevOps-As-A-Service
Want an experienced team to simply deliver and manage your dev, staging, and production infrastructure for you so you can focus on building your product? Both custom and pre-built environment packages are available with private network, vpn access, ready-to-use container clusters (e.g. Kubernetes), advanced security, centralized logging, and 24/7 management. Get In Touch.